A fan of hand-drawn illustration guide to the first Metroid

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We have good news for all fans of the franchise metroidAs a fan of the franchise, who is also an artist, he will be releasing a new guide with handcrafted images of the first title in the series, originally released in 1986.

We’re referring to Philip Summers, a fan of vintage games who is part of Hand-Drawn Game Guides (a project responsible for releasing new guides for old games), who used his talent to give us hands-on work on Samos Aran’s first adventure.

Here you can see it:

«Early! Reservations for metroid: Brought to you by hand-drawn game guides! The complete adventure of metroid For the NES, with a full map and a lot of interesting stuff, all combined with a humorous narration,” you can read in the tweet.

It is worth noting that the guide covers only the first part of the franchise and will be mapped in its entirety. In addition, it will help you access another booster, while you enjoy each of the illustrations.

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Summers sells his Nintendo Entertainment System video game manuals with hand-drawn illustrations (in PDF or physical form), and has already made his first the legend of zelda, one of against and the last of jaden ninja. If you are interested in getting any of them, you can visit the Philip Summers website here.

Finally, we remind you that the new installment of the franchise will be Metroid dreadThe title is expected to arrive exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on October 8.

What do you think of the guide metroid hand made?

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