A fan of Mrs. Dimitrisco? Dry yourself with this bulky vampire towel

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Resident Evil Village It is very close to its debut and no doubt attracts the attention of locals and strangers to a great extent Mrs. Dimitrisko, one of the new villains to be featured in the game. The popularity of this character is what Capcom promotes her new game with her image, and the company’s latest promotion will make you want to participate.

why? Well, simply because this latest promotion from Capcom will allow you to win a bath towel with a picture of Lady Dimitrescu. The interesting thing is that this towel is life size: it measures about 3 meters, and it’s large enough for a vampire (2.9 meters) to fit without a problem.

Below you can see a short video that Capcom shared showing the size of the towel, compared to a 6-foot-tall man.

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It would be very difficult to get a Lady Demetrisco towel

In total, there will be 103 winners in total, but only 3 people will win a Lady Dimitrescu towel, to be one of them, they will have to share ideas for a demo or even a picture with the tag # العلامة ィ レ ッ ジ 体 験 版.

The other 100 winners will be chosen from among the participants This is a promotional Tweet, According to Siliconiera And they’ll win a folder with an illustration of Ethan and Chris Redfield. The show will be available until May 3.

Now is the time to notify you of the bad news, because this promotion is unfortunately only available in Japan because Capcom does not ship internationally. So if you want to participate, you will, in addition to being very lucky, have to be in Japan or find a way to import prizes if you win.

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What do you think of this Capcom contest? Would you like to have a Demetrisco Lady Towel? Tell us in the comments.

Resident Evil Village It will air on May 7 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can find more news related to it if you visit this page.

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