A man sold his car to pay his son for a video game

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Without a doubt, microtransactions in free video games, especially those on mobile devices, can be very aggressive, which is why many people spend thousands of dollars without even realizing it. This was exactly what happened to a boy from North Wales, who inadvertently put his family in trouble.

the gate the sun It picked up the strange story of Ashaz Mutaza, a 7-year-old boy who spent £1,289.70 (about $35,294) on microtransactions for Dragon: The Rise of Burke In just one hour of playing.

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The minor’s father noticed what happened after receiving 29 emails detailing the amount of transactions that ranged from £1.99 to £99.99. “At first I thought I was cheated. I never thought it would be possible to spend so much money on a children’s game.”

The father had to sell the family car to pay off his son’s debts

The father of the family, 41 years old and working as a doctor, did not imagine that he would have to pay such a large amount of money, and for this at that time he did not have enough to cover the debts.

Faced with this difficult situation, the man had no choice but to sell the family car, Toyota Aygo Motor, to cover his son’s expenses. In addition, he contacted Apple customer service in the hope of a refund, but instead got him only £207 (approximately MX$5710).

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Finally, Apple has not issued any statement on the issue, but it has confirmed that it takes such incidents seriously and states that parents should monitor what their children do. Either way, there is no doubt that Asha Moataz learned a lesson he will never forget.

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