A remake of the classic Fire logo could be in development for Switch

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One of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises is fire emblemwho gained great fame thanks to the appearance of her characters in the saga Super Smash Bros.. However, the RPG franchise has also made a name for itself over the years for its high-quality gameplay. It looks like officials want one of them back, and there are already rumors of a possible remake.

During the past E3 2021, there were many fans of fire emblem They expected an announcement from Nintendo about something new in the franchise, although unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

Despite this, there is a rumor circulating on the Internet, from well-known leaker Zippo, that he is working on a new remake of fire emblem.

It is worth noting that the leaker does not have data about the game that is about to receive a remake, but he expects it to be a remake of Holy War Genie Fire Emblem a Fire Emblem: Binding BladeBoth are already considered classics and have not received any English translation.

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According to Zippo, a remake of either of these titles will already be in its final stage of development and be called for in 2022, given that Nintendo wants to focus the remainder of this year on Metroid dreadAnd the Mario Party Superstars and games Pokemon.

We will stay commenting on this thread to share any news about it. In the meantime, you can stay informed fire emblem Here.

Which game in the franchise would you like to see a remake? Tell us in the comments.


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