A sealed copy of Super Mario 64 has been sold for over $30 million pesos

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For any collector’s spectacle, pieces that are kept in perfect condition are of great cash value, and for video games they are no different, because as the years go by some games end in the millions for as long as they are. Sealed from the original, or it was never opened. On this occasion, the note is presented by a copy of the legendary Super Mario 64 which sold for more than 1.5 million dollars.

a Super Mario 64 In perfect condition, it will get you out of financial problems

report from Kotaku Reveal the impressive amount someone paid at an auction for a sealed copy of Super Mario 64: 1,560,000 USD. According to the information, the copy was in such good condition that it was rated on the scale of WataGames, a video game collector, with a score of 9.8, or near perfect. In this regard, the heritage auction site, which hosted the operation, confirmed that it is one of at most 5 copies of Super Mario 64 that remain in that state.

If the amount paid for this copy of Super Mario 64 In dollars, it’s scandalous, even scandalous when converted into Mexican peso, because in this case it would cost 31,010,616 MXN, million dollars.

Nintendo’s sealed game auctions are still turning out staggering sums

Exactly, copy status Super Mario 64 Its rating was 9.8, enough for the auction to go from the $100,000 it started with to the more than 1.5 million that were paid for it. This is a new record for the scene, as someone recently paid $870,000 for a sealed copy of the first. the legend of zelda And before that, in April of this year, someone did the same with a sealed copy of the first Super Mario Bros. from NES, for which he paid $660,000 USD.

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