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Every veteran gamer surely knows that the video game industry has gone through several evolutionary phases that have led it to where it is now. In one of them, electronic systems that today are considered obsolete or outdated abound. If you have any and you collect them, you will be interested to see a huge collection that just achieved two Guinness World Records.

Next we’ll talk about Linda Guillory Group, an electrical engineer based in Texas, USA, who is also an assembler of vintage electronic systems and control units.

His collection consists of so many game systems or consoles that he has just set two records: one for having 2,430 unique and functional game systems and the other for having the largest collection of LCD game systems in the world (1599).

Lots of Guillori’s collection of yesterday’s systems, and it’s even possible to see a collection of LCD wristwatches. In the cool collection there are also old LCD-based board games from brands like Bambino or Toytronic and mobile versions of games like o*bertAnd the backman s Frogger.

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Guillory owns most of the old game consoles

According to information shared by the Records Organisation, Guillory started his hobby of collecting consoles when he was 8 years old, after finding a broken copy of the 1979 Red Conic baseball which he had to repair in order to play it, because I didn’t have the resources to purchase these. Elements. A toy repair experience with her family led her to become an electrical engineer.

Since then, the group has grown, but a fire caused them to lose several consoles. In 2003, his passion for collecting was fueled in part by his brother, and since then he has acquired online several consoles that his family had in their childhood. His collection grew after he felt the urge to own a whole series of a particular game.

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Guillory says he still wants more gaming systems (he’s even traveled to Japan looking for vintage ones) and also mixes his passion for designing electronic game kits for kids in order to make their games from scratch. The collection, Guillory constantly uses some toys and even lends them to the kids, because you should know that not only does he have a collection to show, but he’s one of the people he invites to play with the systems. Guillory hopes to one day work with a museum to preserve the collection. Unfortunately, Gilroy’s husband and always supportive of her hobby, Thomas, passed away shortly after getting to know his wife’s group.

If you are a fan of vintage or retro games, we recommend that you watch the full video shared by Guinness, because Linda shows many jewels that would be impossible to get today or cost a fortune, like a white copy of Simon, a game and watch the legend of zeldaAdditionally, Guillory has a collection of all the games (apparently from the NES) that Nintendo released in North America.

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