Adventure RPG with Souls-like combat, Tails of Iron, already has a debut date

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The indie scene is still working on interesting projects and the best part is that there are development teams that are finding a way to implement recognized elements of the AAA franchises in their games, such as the now popular Souls type fighting mechanics, to deliver attractive combinations. Today, the Manchester, England-based Odd Bug Studio team revealed the new trailer and release date for iron tailsRPG adventure.

iron tails It’s an adventure RPG with hand drawn art

Through a statement, Odd Bug Studio and United Label, developer and publisher respectively, introduced the new trailer for iron tailsAdventure RPG game with high-difficult combat inspired by mechanics Evil spirits That will arrive this year on consoles and PCs. At first, you should know that iron tails It is a 2D action RPG hand drawn and narrated by Doug Cockle, who voiced Geralt of Rivia in Games the magician.

A disgraceful rat kingdom ruled by frogs
A disgraceful rat kingdom ruled by frogs

With that, the next thing to know is that iron tails It takes place in the rat kingdom, from the Middle Ages, which has fallen from grace and is now dominated by frogs. Here, you will take on the role of Redgi, the heir to the throne who will embark on a quest to restore his kingdom.

On iron tails You will fight the battles in the style of the purest souls

According to the official information, iron tails It introduces the core elements of every RPG, such as the progression system to level up Redgi, the ability to add other characters to our team, skill management, and weapon and gear development. Likewise, there will be interaction with the NPC that will lead to obtaining items or items that will help during the adventure.

For your combat system, iron tails Suggests mechanics based on games Evil spiritsTherefore, it will be necessary to consider the time for attack and defense, as well as assaults with elements that cause the most damage to the enemy.

Finally, it was revealed iron tails Coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 17th.

Stay informed, level up.

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