Amazon promises that the new world will not become a pay-to-win system

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Amazon Game Studios has struggled to position itself in the industry. new world, his MMO that has suffered from several delays, will be his next big bet to win over gamers and fans of the genre.

The community awaiting the title is concerned, as evidence of potential pay-to-win items in game testing has recently been found. And so he fears it new world Offer useful items and other aids to improve your MMO as long as you are willing to pay.

The developer did not stand with her arms crossed before these reports, so she decided to talk about the topic. David Verfaillie, the game’s creative director, asked players for peace of mind, as he confirmed that the MMO will not and will not become a paid game.

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No, new world Don’t pay to win

Concerns about pay-to-win items in new world It grew after an in-game shop was announced and there was a premium currency to buy items. Verfaillie gave more details about this element of the game and made sure that the store would focus on cosmetics.

This will only allow players to change their character’s appearance, so purchased items won’t change any of their stats. Thus, purchases in the title will not help players progress faster or easier than the rest of the community.

Verfaillie stated that they have heard feedback from players regarding it new world It will be pay to win. For this reason, they will do everything in their power to prevent this from happening in the future.

“Our approach is that we don’t want this to be a pay-to-win experience. The focus is on cosmetics: that’s all we’re going to do at launch (…) We think there’s room to improve the quality of life in this gameplay without crossing into the pay-to-win territory, that’s something We won’t,» said the creator.

As for potential applications, Verfaillie talked about adding more storage for gamers. However, nothing is certain at the moment, as the studio is still working on completing the initial launch.

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new world It will arrive on PC on August 31. Find all the news about it at this link.


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