Amico, the console for Intellivision, will be launched this year

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One announcement that went unnoticed past E3 2021, was the reveal of the latest details of Intellivision’s Amico console. After some delay, the company has confirmed that the device will be released on October 10.

According to the revealed information, Amico is a platform quite similar to the one that Nintendo has introduced in recent years, a situation that is not surprising given that three former directors of the company work for Intellivision: Perrin Kaplan, Beth Llewelyn and Scott Tsumura.

Some of the characteristics of this new device are that it has motion-detecting controls and a touch screen, although you can also use your cell phone with the company’s app.

It is worth noting that this strange console has been compared to those used in Wii and Switch devices. Here you can watch his trailer shared at E3:

In addition, it will also include RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology that will allow you to use gift cards for your store that you will easily read only by the same contact.

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For its games, the company revealed that they will be around 210 Mexican pesos in digital form and $420 in physical form, while the console can be had from $250 (~$5,125).

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