Among Us will have its first physical presentation and special editions on consoles

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popularity Between us It continues in the sky, so Innersloth wants to take advantage of the game’s access to more consoles to pamper PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The company announced a great collector’s release for PC a long time ago with Limited Run Games. Now, the independent studio has partnered with Maximum Games to release several physical and collectible versions of the aforementioned consoles.

Fans will undoubtedly be satisfied, because in addition to being able to have a physical copy of Between us They will receive a large number of physical or digital collectibles, depending on which edition they decide to buy: Crewmate Edition, Impostor Edition or Ejected Edition.

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This will be the Crewmate version of Between us

For starters, Innersloth and Maximum Games have revealed Crewmate, an affordable, standard physical version that will include additional content. This version will retail for $29.99 and will be available on all consoles.

As mentioned, the games will include some physical and digital additions and the Crewmate version will be no exception. Below I leave you with a photo and a list of the contents of the package:

  • game rule Between us And all its downloadable content
  • Disqualified
  • Polus and MIRA HQ leathers
  • hamster pet
  • crab mascot
  • Mascotta Princelog
  • Pet Stickmin
  • Mini Crewmate Package
  • Exclusive downloadable content for retailers
  • Caja Lenticular 3D
  • sticker paper
  • 1 of 12 3D Access Card for Mira HQ
  • Skld Map Poster
  • Code redeemable for 6 wallpapers for PC or smartphone

What will be the impersonator version of Between us?

The Impostor Edition is aimed at those who are not completely satisfied with what the Crewmate version has to offer, as it will include all the content of that version and other very attractive additions. These include a purple doll, a neck strap, a special brooch, and an attractive box for keeping the contents.

The Impostor Edition will be offered at a good price, costing $49.99 on all systems. Below you can see its appearance and all its contents:

  • All contents of the Crewmate version of Between us
  • velor purple staff
  • Crew vs Neckband Impersonator
  • square sum
  • Crew spinning pin

Check out the Ejected Edition, the most complete package of Between us

Finally, there’s the Ejected Edition, the perfect edition for fans of the red-bone game. This package comes in a larger, attractively designed box. It will include all of the Impostor Edition content as well as some extensions that can’t be found anywhere else.

The Ejected Edition will sell on all consoles for $89.99. For that price, you’ll get everything from the projectile version, a hat, a blanket, and said collector’s box. Below you can see all of its contents:

  • All contents of the impersonator copy
  • plush crew blanket
  • red hat trickster
  • limited edition box

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Between us Now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices. It will debut on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on a date to be confirmed. Find more news about the title at this link.


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