An update has been announced for Hunters Arena, a Battle Royale with RPG elements

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During State of Play today, studio Mantistico announced an update for Battle Royale, Hunters Arena: Legends, a game that mixes RPG elements such as dungeons and raids, as well as offering skill in MOBA style.

Different style of Battle Royale

Players must survive in a battlefield where PvP and PvE clashes coexist. Hunters Arena It also has two main Battle Royale modes: single or triple. Single players will face demons and other players in a free-for-all match, while in a trio it will be possible to meet with other players. In both modes, strategy is a critical point of the experience.

PlayStation Plus users will be able to download Hunters Arena at no additional cost on PS4 and PS5 starting August 3. It will also be available for Steam.

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