Apex Legends: New trailer takes a look at Arenas, new team mode

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Respawn Entertainment expected the ninth season of Apex Legends It was close and will have a great deal of inspired content The Fall of Titan. Well, we are very close to the start of this new phase and everything seems to indicate that in addition to the inclusion of a new legend, there will be a new game mode, modifications to the map and more changes.

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have shared a new trailer for their next phase Apex Legends That apparently removed the numbers, so only Season 9 would be called Legacy.

In the awesome animation trailer, you can see all the legends that are part of the Apex games, except for Valkyrie, which will make its debut in this new phase.

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The very interesting thing that this new trailer is showing is Arenas, a new 3v3 mode, which promises to take the game “post-Battle Royale” and “bring the legend back where it started,” according to a mysterious voice of an unknown character. From the game that monitors everything that happens in advance. Members The Fall of Titan They definitely identified him as the villain of Ash.

Details of this new game mode have yet to be revealed, but Respawn Entertainment has promised to officially unveil this new mode on April 26th with a gameplay promotion.

Who is Valkyrie?

As mentioned, one of Legacy’s most important novelties is Valkyrie, a former pilot of the Giant Titans. The Fall of Titan Who seeks to gain his own identity and distance from the legacy of his father, Viber, an enemy Titanfall 2.

We haven’t yet seen the capabilities of the Valkyrie deeply, but she would be a character who could fly thanks to a thrust made from a giant.

«Valkyrie, daughter of the famous Titan pilot Viper, will be joining the games. Make the most of your jetpack to control the air and punish your enemies with missiles from the sky. Master the new high-precision composite bow from Bocek to smash all your opponents and land on a mysteriously transformed Olympus,» describes Electronic Arts New Season From Apex Legends.

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Additionally, the Legacy’s Olympus map was expected to undergo major changes due to the plague. Another novelty is the Bocek Bow, which will do a lot of damage in the medium term. As in the other seasons, in Legacy, there will also be a Rank and Battle Pass.

Apex Legends: Legado It will be available from May 4.

We leave you with the Valkyrie story trailer.

What do you think of the new game mode? What are your first impressions of the Valkyrie? Do you like her relationship with The Fall of Titan? Tell us in the comments.

Apex Legends Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It can also be played on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S through backward compatibility. The mobile version is still under development. You can find more news about it if you visit its profile.

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