Are you an Amazon Prime member? You can now download Battlefield 4 for free

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It’s already June and if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, that means one very good thing, as a new catalog of free games is now available as part of the Prime Gaming giveaways. This is an excellent month for service members, as they will receive the highly acclaimed Triple A.

Amazon had a surprise in store for Prime subscribers for June, just revealing that it’s now possible to download Battlefield 4: Standard Edition For PC via Origin at no additional charge.

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How to claim battlefield 4 Prime Gaming con?

If you are interested in this Electronic Arts title, we recommend that you download it as soon as possible, as the show will be available until June 21.

To claim your copy, you must have an active Prime membership and request the Origin game code on this page. Then, you must enter the code into your Origin account before July 21, which is the date the code will lose its validity. After logging in to Origin, you need to click on the Origin menu and then enter the code in the Product Code Redemption option. Once done, you can play battlefield 4 Whenever you want, even when your Prime membership expires.

A monthly Amazon Prime membership costs MXN 99 and includes more benefits like free shipping on select Amazon products, access to Prime Video, and more.

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You can download 10 more games with Prime Gaming in June!

The Prime Gaming deals don’t end there, as part of the June deals, players will be able to find a total of 10 games, other than battlefield 4. The show is mostly standalone, and we leave you a list of all the games below.

  • BFF or die
  • Courage Newfound
  • lost in harmony
  • Batman: The Telltale Series
  • Tweeters
  • Spitkes
  • frog climbers
  • mana spark
  • bomb holder
  • Away: Cut the director

Keep in mind that these games will be available throughout June and will be gone on July 1 except for bomb holder s Away: Cut the director, which will end on June 11 and 4, respectively.

You can claim all of these titles on this official Prime Gaming page. You can also download a lot of additional digital content for many games, such as fall guysAnd the ValorantAnd the the warAnd the League of LegendsAnd the braveAnd the sea ​​of ​​thievesAnd the Apex LegendsAnd the Red Dead Online and more.

What do you think of the June selection? Are you an Amazon Prime member and will you benefit from these games? Tell us in the comments.

If you want to know more about Prime Gaming and Amazon deals, we invite you to this page.

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