Arturo Casanova, voice actor who worked on Overwatch and Sonic Underground, dies

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The dubbing industry in Mexico and Latin America is in mourning once again. This Sunday, July 18, 2021, it was reported the death of Arturo Casanova, a talented Mexican dubbing actor who has given his voice in projects such as Note and watchAnd the League of Legends s Sonic Underground.

In various publications on social networks, dubbing studios and fan pages, they echoed the news of the unfortunate death of Arturo Casanova. To date, the cause of death of the actor who began his career in the dubbing world in the 80s has not been revealed.

In his long career as a dubbing, theater and television actor, Arturo Casanova has participated in more than 100 different productions. Many will recognize his voice as Uncle Phil Banks in the first four seasons of prince of rap Or for being in Morpheo matrix s Reload arrays.

Some of Casanova's characters (Photo: Wikidoblaje)
Some of Casanova’s characters (Photo: Wikidoblaje)

In his career as a dubbing actor, Maestro Casanova has also had the opportunity to work in video games or on projects related to this world. What happens is that it was Winston in the Latin American dubbing Note and watch Archmond explained in world of cans. He also gave his voice to Taham Kinch from Legend Universitys; Thanatos named And to the Commander of the Order of Saint Dumas in Batman: Arkham Knight. He was also responsible for playing Dr.Robotnik in the animated series Sonic Underground.

On the other hand, anime fans will definitely recognize Casanova’s voice. We say it since Gamabunta was in Naruto; Dartagan in Zach Bell; Gold Roger in 4Kids dubbing from One Piece and Dr. Gorfried Ross in an episode of Cyborg 009. He also stood out for being King Vegeta in the movie. Dragonballz Battle of the Gods.

At LEVEL UP, we mourn the passing of Arturo Casanova and wish him peace in his last rest. We also send our condolences and best wishes to the actor’s family and loved ones.

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