ATLUS is working on several major games that are yet to be announced

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We recently told you about the new website launched by ATLUS on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Person, and the seven advertisements that will start running from September. Well, we are now getting interesting data from one of the executives at ATLUS, as more details about the developer’s plans for this and other stories are provided.

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The CEO we’re talking about is Naoto Hiraoka, CEO and General Manager of Consumer Software at ATLUS, who was interviewed in the latest issue of FamitsuWhere he talked about the future of the company and the work in progress at the moment:

“We are working on many titles, both announced and unannounced, so we can deliver them as soon as possible. Hopefully we’ll have some surprises in the future. Currently, we have 5 or 6 titles in development, and about 10 if we include the ones we’re working on. with vanillaware and others.»

Hiraoka also mentioned that several unannounced games are major projects:

“We are also working on other big unannounced projects that will surprise you. It’s frustrating, because I can’t wait to talk about it. Please give us some time before announcing.”

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Finally, the CEO talked about what he wants to do in his 25 years of existence PersonWhere the plans include not only games:

We want to hold events Person as far as possible. Not only for Japan, but also for the West.”

As you can see, ATLUS seems to be preparing many surprises for all of its followers, so we invite you to stay tuned at LEVEL UP to get to know them as soon as they are revealed.

What other surprises do you think ATLUS is preparing for?


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