Avalanche: Getaway greatness is only possible with Xbox

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Xbox’s strategy in promoting first-party offerings is not limited to what the Xbox Game Studios teams are doing, as there are also opportunities for other companies with projects exclusive to their gaming environment. One of these cases is contraband, a new game from Avalanche, responsible for Just a reasonComing to Xbox Series X | S and PC. The company’s CEO recently revealed why they made this decision.

contraband This was only possible in an Xbox environment

During an interview with Gamesindustry.bizBem Holf, CEO of Avalanche Studios, spoke about the company’s relationship with Xbox that led to the exclusive contraband, an open-ended cooperative mute game that takes place in the smuggling scene of Asia during the 1970s. At first, the manager explained that there was no way for the game to become a reality if it was not from the hands of Xbox, because although they worked with other companies and there were possibilities in this regard, only the environment of the Microsoft games department could respond to the needs of the development team.

In that sense, his words were: “We’ve had an excellent relationship with Microsoft, and working as a first party has been interesting as well, to see what that really means in terms of support and the approach to hardware. It’s a new kind of partnership because we have great relationships with Square Enix and Bethesda. And Warner Bros., but they’re not like that. It made perfect sense to work with Xbox on this because of the greatness of the project. contraband. It is not a concept we offer to all publishers. Our main goal is to grow our user base, even if it’s not directly ours, in this case it will be the Xbox user base. But we know that if we increase the user base, the money and revenue will be generated. The main motive for us as a company is not cash, it’s entertainment, we enjoy a large number of people.”

The Xbox Game Pass model works very well with Avalanche

On the other hand, Bem Holf praised the Xbox Game Pass model already contraband Today’s match will be the first on the service, as he revealed they had a great experience there: «Game Pass was really great for us, especially if we look at our title. Hunter: Call of the WildIt helped us showcase our service model, and Xbox Game Pass was great because we were able to reach more players. It’s a good way for people to test games, and since we have a huge catalog of downloadable content for this title – over 20 in fact – it’s a great way to get people involved, interact and show that it’s a great game. That way, people really tend to buy more, so the business model really works in our best interest.”

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