Back 4 Blood: Internet connection is required to play solo

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although back 4 blood It focuses on online multiplayer, where people who like it will be able to experience a lot of content without the company of other players. Unfortunately, the studio behind the project Turtle Rock has confirmed that an internet connection will be required to run the game.

A few days ago, a fan asked the developers if it was necessary to connect to the internet to play this co-op title. Turtle Rock Studios responded to the comment and confirmed that while they look for ways to offer offline support in the future, the game will need a permanent connection on the day of its release.

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That way, regardless of whether we’re playing with other people or with fellow AI, you’ll be required to have an internet connection all the time to access the title, or at least that’s how it would have been in its early days. market.

Of course, the study did not comment on whether the situation will be the same on all platforms or whether only PC users will suffer from the limitations.

Fans criticize Back 4 Blood’s constant connection

Unsurprisingly, fans did not welcome the news with open arms and lashed out in the studio. In fact, some people confirmed that they wouldn’t buy the game if they didn’t back down from the decision.

The players’ initial reaction was not surprising. After all, we must take into account that not all people have a stable Internet, so any connection error can significantly reduce the experience. Also, some fans didn’t hesitate to remember it left 4 Dead It does not require the Internet to be functional.

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But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Do you think the fans are right? Let’s read to you in the comments.

back 4 blood It will be available on October 12 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can find more news about this multiplayer game by clicking here.


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