BioWare says that the development of Dragon Age 4 is progressing very well

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On July 22, a new edition of EA Play Live will be held, a digital event at which Electronic Arts will present more details Battlefield 2042 It will reveal new projects. Unfortunately, fans who want to know more about Dragon Age 4 They will have to wait, because the new delivery of the RPG will not be in the presentation. To allay fan concerns, a BioWare employee confirmed that its development is going well.

Specifically, Christian Daley, head of BioWare Austin studio, took to Twitter to apologize for the absence Dragon Age 4 In the next EA Play Live. In addition, he emphasized that the study has great momentum and that great progress is being made in development.

We must remember that we knew there was Dragon Age 4 So in 2018. However, thanks to the success Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and fail National anthemAnd EA and BioWare have rethought many elements of the new version of Dragon AgeSo everything indicates that there are still several months or years before it hits the stores.

BioWare shared new concept art for Dragon Age 4

Christian Daily didn’t want fans to be empty-handed this month, so he took advantage of his Twitter post to share some cool new art concepts for Dragon Age 4.

Photo via Twitter
Photo via Twitter

This isn’t the first time BioWare has shared an illustration for this new project, as earlier this year it teased fans with a striking avatar of the Golden Shield, while in March it revealed an art concept for a wizard from the Tevinter Empire.

There is no doubt that these wonderful illustrations are well received by fans as they usually provide little clues about the traditions and history of this new version of the popular and successful fantasy saga.

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But tell us, what do you expect from this title? Let’s read to you in the comments.

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