Bloodborne: The Hunters’ supposed release details come out, should you believe them?

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It has been several months of rumors about the arrival of an improved version of blood borne For PlayStation 5 or even PC access. Although this rumor did not come true, it seems imminent and more information has emerged, but should you believe it?

Basically, two new rumors about the game have surfaced on 4Chan. The first indicates that Remastering will be calledاستدعاء Endless relaxing music. According to the information, the announcement will be made in September and the title will arrive in November on PlayStation 5 and PC. This release will be in charge of a small group within FromSoftware, and will include a 4K 60fps resolution option on PlayStation 5 and 8K resolution will be reached on PC.

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blood borne It will have additional content

The second indicates that Re-mastering will be called hunters edition It reveals a lot of information about it. As per details (via DualShockers), this version will also come to PlayStation 5 with options for quality (4K at 30 fps with ray tracing) or performance (1440p at 60 fps resized to 4K and ray tracing at lower quality).

The remaster will also be available on PC, but will arrive 6 to 12 months after launch on PlayStation 5, which will take place between January and February of next year.

The difference is that this new version will offer additional content. Specifically, the user indicates that there will be no new levels, but the remaster will expand Cainhurst Castle and Ward Cathedral and will provide 6 new weapons, the Cosmic Pistol, the Relic Rifle, the Great Touch, the Cainhurst Flail, the Coldblood Coil and the Kos Placenta.

An interesting thing is that the owners of the original version will be able to improve it to hunters edition For $20 USD. Players who also have DLC ancient hunters They will only have to pay an additional $10. On the other hand, the carriers Game of the Year Edition They can get it for free.

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You must believe this rumor from the remaster of blood borne?

It’s important to note that this rumor comes from 4Chan, a site where anyone can post information, so it’s hard to tell if this is a real leak or a hoax.

Judging by the information, it will turn out that at least one rumor is false. first rumor (Endless relaxing music) is what seems most wrong.

What happens to the second rumor is interesting, because not only many details were given, but also the informant who talks about it is the user Demonite. In case you didn’t know, this is a group of leakers who have proven their information accurate. For example, this group leaked a file blood borne Original for PlayStation 4 before its official announcement, as mentioned DualShockers.

One of the details that raises doubt is that although this new version can coincide with the release of versions Director’s Cut (which includes additional content), there is the possibility to get it at no additional cost, a strange thing.

Since 4Chan’s anonymity is unknown, it is possible that the Demonite is not the real group, but someone else is pretending to be, as there is no way to verify that they are the original user. However, if the information comes from a real Demonite, there is a chance that it is correct, but it is not excluded that the opposite will happen. That’s why we invite you, as always, to take this as a possibility, especially when there are so many rumors about the supposedly improved version of blood borne.

What do you think of this? Do you think re-mastering blood borne Will it include additional content? Tell us in the comments.

blood borne It’s available now exclusively on PlayStation 4. You can find more about it by visiting its profile or checking out our written review.

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