BLUE BOX Suggests Abandoned Won’t Be a PlayStation 5 Exclusive

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A few months ago we learned the first details of abandoned, a survival horror title that was announced as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Since then, players have come up with all kinds of theories about it, especially due to the mystery behind BLUE BOX Game Studios and Hassan Kahraman, one of the developer’s members.

Many believe that behind Kahraman’s identity is Hideo Kojima, and that BLUE BOX Game Studios is none other than Kojima Productions, which is supposed to be working on a new project. the silent Hill.

More and more evidence is emerging about this mysterious project. BLUE BOX Game Studios has now suggested that its title won’t necessarily be exclusive to Sony’s next-gen console.

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abandoned It can also reach your PC

BLUE BOX Game Studios recently challenged their Twitter followers. The developer emphasized that the first word of his name does not refer to a color, but to something else. The study invites everyone to guess the answer, as the winner will have early access to the alpha version of the game.

One of his followers decided not to get involved in the dynamic, arguing that he didn’t have a PlayStation 5 to enjoy the project anyway. BLUE BOX Game Studios’ reaction surprised many.

The study succinctly stated that «the PC community will rejoice.» The company did not fully explain its words, but everything suggests that abandoned It can also reach computers at some point.

Players are starting to create more theories about it and many think so abandoned Ultimately, it will be a multi-platform game with temporary exclusivity on PlayStation 5. This is due to the mention of PC because the studio account also follows Xbox.

Everything indicates that on June 22 more details abandonedAs an app that will be released on PlayStation 5 so that players can take another look at the mysterious BLUE BOX Game Studios project.

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abandoned In development for PlayStation 5. Find more information about the horror title at this link.


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