CoD: Warzone: Activision is already working to prevent hackers from accessing consoles

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Hackers and cheaters are not only a nuisance to players, companies dedicate time and resources to combating them. players Call of Duty: War Zone and other competitive games, as it was recently revealed that alarming new cheats are being developed.

Because of this, Activision’s shooter hackers can get into consoles and wreak havoc on your gaming experience just as they sometimes did on PC. Sources say the new hack works through machine learning to deliver a more accurate and effective target.

On the other hand, such software is said to be difficult to detect, so developers will have a serious problem of banning players from using it. To prevent all this from happening Call of Duty: War ZoneAnd the black cold war s modern warActivision has already taken action on this matter.

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Activision conflicts with the new hack CoD: Warzone

Facing reports of this new hack working with machine learning, Activision has launched an investigation and has already taken action against those promoting the tool to cheat in their games.

According to the Anti-Fraud Police Department, a group dedicated to gathering information about hackers to fight them independently, Activision has already started filing complaints on YouTube for posting videos linked to the tool.

To be more precise, the company wants to remove videos and channels that talk about the hack and how to use it to gain an advantage in different titles from Call of duty.

The problem of cheating existed in Call of Duty: War Zone Almost since its launch. So its developers made multiple waves of bans. However, it seems difficult to resolve the situation completely.

Now there is an inherent risk that hackers will also get into the consoles. The biggest problem is that this kind of software can spoil the experience of any title that uses control. In addition, a section of society appears to have no problem consuming and using these tools.

«Activision is now aware of console cheating and is likely to make plans to remove it,» the Anti-fraud Police Department said.

The outlook seems uncertain for a society Call of Duty: War Zone And more competitive games on consoles. Fortunately, it’s good to know that Activision has already joined the battle to prevent hackers from destroying your games on PlayStation and Xbox systems.

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