Cotton and Guardian Force will have a combination of PS4 and Switch

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Retro fans are passionate about, okay cotton Will return this year with many releases. The first is Cotton reboots!, The first show confirmed first for Japan and then for the West.

The remake of the 1991 title wouldn’t be the only surprise to fans, as today it is a collection of cotton For modern platforms. Thanks to this, players will be able to enjoy three classic titles on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, including Ranger strength.

City connection reveló Cotton Guardian Force Saturn GreetingWhich has been confirmed for this year at least in Japan. Although there is no news about her at the moment, the group is expected to arrive in the West in addition to a reboot of the series.

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Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Greeting He would arrive with three classic titles

City Connection delighted veteran players by revealing Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Greeting. The set will include 3 titles that can be enjoyed on Nintendo and Sony consoles: Cotton 2And the Boomerang cotton s Ranger strength.

The company confirmed that the kit will be available on September 30 in Japan. It will be released in standard copies and in a special edition, the content of which will be revealed at a later time. The game will go into pre-sale next week, April 27th.

The title will allow you to enjoy a sequel cotton, Original from 1997. Plus Boomerang cotton And Guardian Force, the titles from 1998. The games included in the collection will be based on their respective editions of SEGA Saturn.

It won’t be a simple relaunch, as the titles will have a few extras, such as a quick fire option as standard, the ability to quickly load and save games, event returns, and online rankings. You can see the announcement in the video below, at 2:13:45.

City Connection knows that there are fans of the series who want to enjoy games on other platforms besides the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The good news is that the company is not ruling out the possibility of a launch Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Greeting In more systems.

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Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Greeting It will debut on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on September 30th. You will find more about games here cotton.


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