Cryptocurrency: Policemen Destroy $1.6 Million Mining Equipment

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The current cryptocurrency mining situation is out of control, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. While this issue persists, we can rejoice to see how the Malaysian authorities destroyed more than 1,000 pieces of equipment that were used to mine Bitcoin.

Specifically, the authorities of Miri, Malaysia have confiscated an impressive amount of 1,069 computers that were used by cryptocurrency miners which have an approximate value of $1.6 million.

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This came as a result of a total of 6 raids carried out by local authorities between February and April 2021. In addition, 8 suspects were arrested, among whom 6 were successfully accused of the crime of electricity supply theft, for which they will serve up to 8 months in prison and they will have to pay a fine of 1900 USD.

With Giant Steam Controller, Authorities Destroy Over 1,000 Bitcoin Equipment

Amidst the shortage of video cards and chips, the Merry authorities could not think of a better way to dispose of the confiscated equipment than to destroy it with a giant bulldozer.

Thus, little by little we can see how 1,069 computers that were used to mine cryptocurrency were destroyed, resulting in a host of moments both sad and funny.

Next, we share with you the shocking moment of destruction:

There is no denying that cryptocurrency mining is indeed a very serious problem, as it is one of the reasons for the current shortage of graphics cards. In addition, an impressive secret farm containing 3,800 PlayStation 4s was recently discovered, proving that this mode is no longer unique to the PC system.

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