Data items spoil Bungie’s gift to Destiny 2 players

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Data validators are always ready to shred and analyze the content in the game code, which sometimes reveals things to come. In this sense, it’s been known that practice can deliver information early and sometimes spoil surprises, like what just happened with Bungie and the community. Fate 2 A few days before Banji Day celebration.

They spoil one of the surprises in Fate 2 for bungee day

According to the information received from detective game, data factors for Fate 2 They infuriated the game’s developers after they announced that a Spicy Ramen Emblem coupon would be one of the gifts for Bungie’s Day celebration. This revelation, which occurs prior to July 7th the company’s anniversary date, spoiled part of the celebration’s plans, as well as interfering with an items-of-the-kind loop where it’s not supposed to be known to be free until Bungie announces it, so it may be on display. For sale even before that happens.

However, Bungie’s community manager has asked players, through his Twitter account, not to purchase Spicy Ramen Emblem, as it will be free on July 7. He also asked data correctors to be careful about the information they reveal because it can ruin things.

Fate 2 Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can also enjoy it on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, in addition to being part of Xbox Game Pass.

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