Death Stranding Director Cut already has a release date and new content confirmation

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While viewing State of Play on Thursday, Kojima Productions offered more details about Death Stranding exit cut. The game will have many elements that will eventually give a new flavor to this business about connecting places and people.

Interesting changes

In this new trailer for Cut the exit pull death You can see many additions to the gameplay: improved combat action, new weapons such as beam gun and mounted machine gun; New launch range and delivery support items have been added such as a beam catapult, mecha that can be used as an assistant or mount, and jump ramps for vehicles. New missions were also announced and a racetrack called the Fragile Circle was shown.

According to a statement posted at the end of the event on the PlayStation Blog, all the new elements in this Cut Out version have been developed from scratch, from the shooting range area and additional missions, to the new career mode. .

The release also stated that the new content is not a minor addition, as the developers have carefully woven it into the main experience. It was also said that finding most of the new content is fairly easy, although you’ll need more time to find and unlock some of it.

The game will feature 4K Enhanced Performance mode and up to 60fps or native 4K resolution mode. Both have very wide support and HDR. It will have environmental effects with the touch response of the DualSense Wireless Controller and arrive on PlayStation 5 on September 24.

What do you think of this new content? Planning to step into the Sam Porter Bridges shoe again? Stay tuned for all the news here on LEVEL UP.

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