Delayed abandoned app, the standalone app that has been the center of theories about Hideo Kojima

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In recent days, one of the video games that has given a lot to talk about is abandoned. It’s a standalone horror for PlayStation 5 and PC, with many theories suggesting it’s related to Hideo Kojima. Although it seems very difficult to be true, theories persist, and now many are disappointed to learn that their application will be delayed.

Via social networks, BLUE BOX Game Studios announced that the app Abandoned: Trailers It will be delayed for 3 days. The app is set for the first time on June 22, but will now run until Friday, June 25.

According to BLUE BOX Game Studios, the app abandoned It should be delayed due to location related issues. The study did not share any other details on this topic.

«Application Abandoned: Trailers It was 3 days late. We had to delay it due to translation issues. We apologize for this. Launching on Friday 25th! ‘, explained the study.

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What is the application Abandoned: Trailers?

In case you are not suspended abandonedThis news may confuse you. Why does an indie game that has no release date have an app on PlayStation?

As BLUE BOX Game Studios explains, it is an application in which they can show the developments of indie horror. It is worth noting that the company guarantees that when you start the application, it will provide you with instructions on how to use it and will explain the purpose of the application.

abandoned Not Hideo Kojima

As mentioned earlier, a lot of theories are circulating on the Internet about this link abandoned With Hideo Kojima. There are even those who think it could be a comeback silent hills or new siren. While there are many interesting coincidences and strange clues, the truth is that everything seems to indicate that Kojima has nothing to do with the project.

What happens is that, on multiple occasions, BLUE BOX Game Studios has categorically denied having any relationship with Hideo Kojima or Konami. On the other hand, journalists had the opportunity to talk with the designers of the studio and deny the validity of the theories.

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So while the research and speculation has been fun, the truth is your hype shouldn’t be too loud. We will be up to date and share with you all the interesting information we receive from abandoned.

What do you think of this new? Are you excited to use abandoned? Do you think it is something interesting? Tell us in the comments.

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