Disaster! SEGA announces the closure of Sakura Revolution 4 months after its premiere

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Today we have bad news for longtime SEGA fans, especially from Sakura WarsWhere the Japanese company announced that it will stop supporting a game in the series only 4 months after its launch.

We are talking about Sakura Revolution, A free mobile game that first launched on December 17th of last year. This title was developed by Delightworks and published by SEGA 71 years after the events Sakura Wars (2020) and includes new characters.

Unfortunately, SEGA announced that after analyzing the game’s mode, it made its decision to stop supporting it, so it will not receive the content as of June 30, which is roughly 6 months after its premiere, last December.

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Sakura Revolution It was a disaster for SEGA

According to the information received from Twinfinite, Starting today, players will not be able to purchase in-game money and unused resources will be recovered once Closing Day arrives.

Despite the confirmed shutdown, players will be able to continue playing and enjoy the latest story chapter, The Ruler of the Stars, which will be available at the end of April. SEGA confirmed that users will be able to continue playing even in a limited way, but plans have not been determined, according to Siliconiera.

Since launching the service, we have worked hard in planning, managing events, improving gaming systems and making more efforts to provide better service. But after looking at the game environment, gameplay and future developments, unfortunately we reached a decision to terminate the service, «commented SEGA (via destructive).

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Is it a disaster Sakura Revolution Will affect Sakura Wars?

This is unfortunate news not only for SEGA, but also for fans of the game, as the series came from a long period of inactivity. In fact, the return was planned in several installments; Sakura Wars (2020) was first and second.

According to a report at the beginning of the year (trans destructive), Analysts estimate that SEGA has invested about $ 30 million to develop and promote it, but the bad thing is that in its first month it made nearly $ 703,000 and was not very popular.

Sure, after support for the game was removed in Japan, we’d almost certainly never see it in the West, where the series is less well known.


How do you receive this news? Did you hope you could play Sakura Revolution? How do you think this will affect? Sakura Wars? Tell us in the comments.

The latest installment of Sakura Wars As for consoles, it made its debut in 2019 in Japan and 2020 in the West and it is only available on PlayStation 4. You can find more news related to this franchise by visiting this page.

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