Discover a secret crypto farm equipped with 3800 PlayStation 4800

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We’ve been living in a nightmare state in the world of computer games for months now due to the shortage of graphics cards caused, in part, by those who use them for me. Apparently, this headache will stop being exclusive to PC gamers to conquer the console world. We say that since they recently discovered a secret cryptocurrency farm that was stocked with thousands of PlayStation 4 consoles.

The Ukrainian Security Service reports that European state authorities have discovered a crypto-mining farm in the city of Venice. It was an old warehouse that illegally used city electricity to mine cryptocurrencies without incurring additional expenses.

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What caught the eye is that the Ukrainian authorities confiscated more than 5,000 pieces of equipment from the warehouse. Among them were more than 500 graphics cards and about 50 processors. So far everything is normal, right? What is really surprising is that this cryptocurrency farm used 3,800 PlayStation 4 consoles.

If you have been following this topic, you know that cryptocurrency farms use processors and graphics cards to mine and make a profit. However, we rarely see consoles used to achieve this, and despite this, this repository was full of PlayStation 4 consoles.

Is it possible to mine with a PlayStation 4? It looks the same

At the moment, it is still not clear what the people in charge of this farm have done with the PlayStation 4. However, the presence of several such consoles indicates that they have found a way to use them to mine cryptocurrency.

Although the method is unknown, it must be remembered that the project showed that it is possible to mine cryptocurrencies using the Game Boy. So, while there is no concrete evidence of the way they use these controllers, it is an element that is not impossible.

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The point is, PlayStation 4 may not be the most efficient way to mine cryptocurrency. Having said that, given that these guys were stealing their city’s electricity, it seems that the energy expenditure was far from the sleep-depriving thing.

And you, what do you think of this case? Have you ever imagined that someone would use my PlayStation 4 for me? Tell us in the comments.

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