Donald Trump demands access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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We receive interesting and interesting news regarding the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, as the businessman has just confirmed his plans to sue the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, due to the blockade he received a few months ago. In his official accounts for each one.

It was that same Wednesday, during a news conference in Bedminster, New Jersey, where former President Trump announced that he plans to file lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as the CEOs of each company.

At that conference, he promised that the lawsuit, to be brought in the southern region of Florida, would lead to «an end to shadow bans, and an end to the silencing and abolition you know all too well.»

Donald Trump said that the platforms violated his First Amendment rights, and stated that his case would show that this oversight is unconstitutional, in addition to that he plans to seek punishment for every company.

According to a journalist from the middle routersHowever, Trump’s lawyers’ decision to file lawsuits in Florida may backfire, as Facebook and Twitter both state in their terms that any case against him must be brought in California courts.

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Notably, the ban on the former president of the United States, stemmed from the January 6 riots in that country’s Capitol, presumably caused by Donald Trump’s posts on these social platforms.

We will remain vigilant to see how this case progresses and to share any news about it in a timely manner.

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