Dragon Ball, Naruto and more anime in Fortnite? Another source that reinforces the rumours

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It is an electronic game It has become one of the most popular games collaboration with popular entertainment franchises. Although it has already managed to collect great icons for video games, it was not possible to watch the greatest animation in Battle Royale; However, more clues suggest that Epic Games will achieve this soon.

Months ago we reported that Epic Games has been asking fans if they’d be interested in seeing some of the most popular anime characters in It is an electronic game. There was also documentation from Epic Games that indicated that a collaboration with some animation franchises is in the works. However, no more has been known about it since then, which may indicate that it will not be implemented.

If you are a fan of Dragon BallAnd the Naruto And other cartoons, you should not be discouraged, because the plans are clearly ready and one of the informants has reinforced the rumors about this cooperation.

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Goku, Naruto and other anime may be on their way to It is an electronic game

Popular Twitter user and data worker at It is an electronic game TweaBR stated that a «trusted source» has revealed that Epic Games is working with a company called Shueisha «to produce a few animation collaborations.»

Of course, the information is somewhat vague and although the user did not mention it, it is not difficult to think that such cooperation involves It is an electronic gameWell, it is unimaginable in any other context in which Epic Games could implement cooperation with animation franchises.

If you don’t know what Shueisha is, we tell you that it is the Japanese company that, along with Shogakukan, owns Viz Media, which you may know for being the company responsible for publishing a huge amount of animation. Shueisha is responsible for licenses as Dragon BallAnd the Naruto And many distinct IP addresses.

Thus, according to the clues, we shouldn’t be surprised that Goku, Naruto, or even other characters from this series will at some point arrive in Battle Royale, something that, frankly, was inevitable, considering how famous and popular these are. She is at present. However, we remind you that none of this has been confirmed by the companies involved, so we recommend that you take this information as something unofficial.

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What do you think of this information? Do you think Goku will come to It is an electronic game? Tell us in the comments.

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