Electronic Arts reveals Madden NFL 22; The cover will have 2 famous athletes

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We are in the middle of another year and that means something to American football fans, there is very little left before the start of the new NFL season and also until the arrival of a new part of the annual series for the sport, Madden NFL 2022, which was revealed today by Electronic Arts.

Today, EA Sports officially announced the new version of Madden NFLWhich will arrive on August 20th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, Google STADIA, and PC via Stream and Origin.

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Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will be stars Madden NFL 22

An important novelty from Madden NFL 22 is that for the second time in the franchise’s history, it will have two players in all its versions (including Madden Victory Mobile): the best American football player of all time, current quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady, and current young and quarterback star for the Kansas Chiefs Patrick Mahomes.

It’s a great experience to be featured on the cover Madden NFL 22 With Patrick, Brady commented. “We both share a love of football and being a part of this iconic franchise is very special. This year’s game truly epitomizes the energy and unpredictability you see on the field every Sunday, and we are excited for the fans to experience it for themselves.”

One of the covers of Madden NFL 21 (via Patrick Mahomes, Twitter)
One of the covers of Madden NFL 21 (via Patrick Mahomes, Twitter)

“I have been, like most players in the league, a huge fan of Madden NFL And as far as I can remember, being on the cover – not just for the second time, but also with Tom Brady, an absolutely great person – is surreal,” Patrick Mahomes said. for the Dynamic Gameday experience, which makes the game more invested and authentic and maintains its freshness all year round.”

New feature for Madden NFL 22 It will be exclusive to next generation consoles

for play, Madden NFL 22 It will introduce a new feature that will be exclusive to the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles | S: Dynamic Gameday. This novelty will allow players to experience better immersion with “a deeper level of strategy and narrative in every game and in every stadium” and will make this game more “emotional, authentic and realistic”.

According to the information, Gameday will affect the players’ connection to the stands, the environment and other elements that affect each game, such as when playing at home, which will make this realistic factor affect the gameplay. Likewise, as in the last installment of the next generation, NFL Madden 22 It will have artificial intelligence based on the real stats of each player.

The Yard mode will include an all-new single-player campaign and avatar progression system that will share progression, rewards, and vanity with the Face of the Franchise, which will return with a new story and player class system. Also, Superstar KO and Madden Ultimate Team will return.

Electronic Arts also promised to update the franchise mode, add much needed features and more content to access throughout the season.

Select the players who received a code to participate in the Playtest for Madden NFL 22 They will be able to test the game from today until July 1st. You can find more details about this promotion on this page.

editions Madden NFL 22

It has also been confirmed that the new installment will be available in 3 versions. The first is the standard game, which includes the base game, 20 staff points for the franchise, the advanced start (level 10) for the franchise’s face and The Yard, the Tom Brady Gear Capsule, and a choice of one of 32 NFL stars.

The MVP version It will include everything in the basic version plus 40 bonus points for employees, 3 days of early access with exclusive challenges during this period, double entitlement, the choice of 1 elite item from Brady or Mahomes, 11 Team Fantasy Pack.

The dynasty edition It will include everything from the MVP Edition, but with a total of 100 Staff Points, 22 Staff Fantasy Packs, and a choice of Brady or Mahomes Curated Legends Pack.

In addition, each of these versions will have a different cover, all with the image of Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

What do you think of the new revelation? Madden NFL? Tell us in the comments.

Madden NFL 22 It will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PC (via Stream and Origin). You can find more news related to this sports series if you visit this page.

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