end of theories? Abandoned creator shows his face

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Is the noise over? Have theories been crushed? Is it an actor and marketing strategy? These and other questions are what the community is asking at the moment after the official account of BLUE BOX Game Studios posted a video of Hasan Kahraman himself, the head of the studio and the head of the studio. abandoned, the game whose management ignited endless rumors and speculation in its networks that referred to Hideo Kojima and the silent Hill.

Hasan Kahraman is real… ço no?

In an act considered by some to be late, where managing expectations can get out of hand, Hasan Kahraman stood up and tried to put an end to all the theories and speculations that had been put forth about him. abandoned. In this sense, Kahraman showed herself in the panel to show that she is indeed the one talked about a lot, as her face matches the photo she has on her Instagram account and on her PlayStation Network profile

At the same time, the president of BLUE BOX and in charge of abandoned, confirming that neither he nor the project has anything to do with Hideo Kojima or with him the silent Hill, trying to end the wave of rumors there.

What will happen now with abandoned And the hype around it?

After the video was published, some Twitter users thanked Hassan Kahraman for what he had done, considering that he put an end to the rumors and wished him success in his presentation. abandoned. However, other users think it’s a hoax, and Hassan Kahraman is actually an actor, as happened with Moby Dick Studios’ Joakim Mogren during the previous show. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainThis is despite the creator asserting that it is what he claims he is not acting.

In this way it is a revelation abandoned It continues to generate interest, but also fear because there are those who believe that the relationship with Kojima and the silent HillExisting rumors and speculation turn against the study and the project. Yes, there is evidence to disprove some things, but there are also details that keep suspicions alive, possibly ending with the game’s official presentation.

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