FAIL: DJ Khaled gets an Xbox Series S as a gift and thinks it’s a speaker

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As you’ve probably noticed, Xbox and WarnerMedia have an alliance to promote Space Jam: A New Legacy. Part of her campaign was to send a private collection to the media, celebrities, and influencers with products from the toy and movie brand. This campaign recently led us to a funny situation where DJ Khaled, a famous hip-hop producer, received his set with the Xbox Series S and thought he was a speaker.

Recently on Instagram, DJ Khaled shared a story showing off his kit Space Jam: A New Legacy that Xbox sent you. As you can see, the producer is very pleased that the package contains a pair of tennis shoes and he is a fan of the shoe collection.

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After saying he’d stock the set in his shoe room, DJ Khaled set his sights on the Xbox Series S. While many might consider the next-gen console to be the most exciting thing in the bundle, DJ Khaled didn’t until he knew what the heck was. Watching loudly, he wondered if it was a trumpet.

Don’t you believe us? You can watch the story DJ Khaled shared below:

DJ Khaled got a lot of attention with the Xbox Series S.

DJ Khaled’s mistake has attracted a lot of attention, and for good reason. After all, since the Xbox Series S was announced, it has been compared to headsets and other similar devices on a lot of memes.

While we doubt this will annoy Microsoft – in fact, the company celebrates these kinds of memes – it’s a fun and curious case. Although DJ Khaled has no obligation to be a gamer and knows each console in depth, we think it wouldn’t hurt to investigate what he received prior to filming the video.

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Keep in mind, had he done the above, the DJ Khaled story might not have become so popular in the first place. So it might have been better in the long run for a successful producer to choose not to investigate.

What do you think of this situation? Do you think DJ Khaled should have achieved a little more before recording his video? Tell us in the comments.

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