Fail: They report that Ubisoft has made a title that continues to sell practically unplayable

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Unfortunately, it’s normal every day for companies to remove their games from digital stores or shut down their servers, but it’s even more unfortunate when that leaves them inoperable. For this reason, it has now come to our attention that Ubisoft has made a PC game that is still selling practically unplayable.

What happens is that Steam users claim that Ubisoft shut down servers Might & Magic X – Legacy 1 last June. This is an RPG of 2014 that has only become popular in its niche, so it’s no surprise that they made the decision to shut down these online services.

The problem is that Ubisoft’s decision was made Might & Magic X – Legacy, a player RPG, is practically unplayable. What happens is that you have a DRM check at the end of the first trimester. Thus, with servers closed, players cannot advance because the anti-piracy protection is unable to detect that it is a legitimate copy.

Worst of all, Ubisoft continues to sell Might & Magic X – Legacy As if nothing is on Steam. Thus, new players face the possibility of purchasing a game that they cannot fully play due to the DRM verification. For this reason, the Steam community raised its voice and left a lot of negative reviews warning about all the content lost due to server shutdowns.

Fans warn the community
Fans warn the community

At the time of writing this note, users with a license Might & Magic X – Legacy On Steam, they cannot enjoy its full game. So far, Ubisoft has not commented on this, but we hope they will update the game soon to remove this requirement.

Players found a possible solution

It is definitely a very sad situation. Because of this, the PC gaming community has started working to see if there is a way to enable game content without the need for Ubisoft to solve the irresponsible bug.

On Steam, the user discovered that it is enough to modify some game files to be able to play after the first chapter. This solution does not unlock all content on الموجودة Might & Magic X – Legacy, But at least it’s better than nothing.

What do you think of this new? Do you have a copy Might & Magic X – Legacy Does this affect you, tell us in the comments.

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