Fall Guys: Give season 5 details; There will be new rounds and more ways to enjoy decks

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Falling Men: The Ultimate Knockout It was the sensation of 2020 and still has a lot of fans who enjoy it every day. For this reason, we think many will be happy to know that Season 5 already has a release date and will arrive with new rounds, as well as many surprises.

Mediatonic has announced that the fifth season of Falling Men: The Ultimate Knockout It will launch on July 20, 2021 on PlayStation 4 and PC. This is a season whose main theme will be the forest, so you can expect rides and rewards inspired by these types of biomes.

But what is all we can expect from season 5 Falling Men: The Ultimate Knockout? Check out what’s new below:

The fifth season of fall guys She will have new rounds

new season of fall guys You must have new rides that surprise and amuse you, right? For this reason, you will be pleased to know that the fifth season will arrive with 6 new rounds during which you will have to go through the jungle areas or even enter the animal area.

We leave you the details below:

  • jungle revolution – Race across the branches to the finish line. It is full of dangerous tree trunk swings and expanding frogs.
  • trample scramble – You will have to run, dive and dodge to escape from 3 mechanical rhinos that want to hit you
  • lost temple A new final round where the path to the crown changes all the time. Mediatonic considers it their most ambitious tour to date
  • jumping in the jungle – Jump from one drum to another while landing perfectly to the beat of the music.
  • bubble problem – The arena is divided into 5 where the beans are thrown at full speed and there are bubbles that explode. You will have to navigate through areas full of obstacles to get your qualifications.
  • watercolor penguin party – Catch the penguins that slide down. The longer you slide, the more points you’ll earn.

Season 6 tours of Falling Men: The Ultimate Knockout

fall guys It will have limited time events

do you want more? Then you’ll be glad to hear that Mediatonic confirmed it too fall guys It will have limited time events. According to the study, they will be events with unique challenges and rewards that you won’t be able to get elsewhere. Apparently, they will also be open events for cooperation with other games and brands.

“Every new event will come with a path full of treasures and unexpected riches (well… weird costumes, gestures, patterns, nameplates, and a few other things). And who knows, maybe we’ll also bring in some special guests to help out?” Mediatonic said.

More ways to play Squads

Finally, Mediatonic has confirmed that it will be making use of the Squads feature throughout Season 5. This is so you have new ways to play with your friends. For example, there will be limited-time duo and trio shows.

Likewise, the company revealed that it will be making general improvements to ensure that items fall guys Go the best way possible.

What do you think of the content of the fifth season of fall guys? Tell us in the comments.

Falling Men: The Ultimate Knockout Available for PC and PlayStation 4. We remind you that Mediatonic is also working on Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions of the popular multiplayer game.

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