Fall Guys: Season 5 will have a jungle adventure theme

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Mediatonic continues to work on new content for fall guys. The title receives new content in the form of seasons. Currently, the title of Battle Royale is in the fourth season, but the fifth season will start very soon and today those responsible for the game have shared the first look at its topic.

Developer Mediatonic carried out an interesting interactive activity with his Twitter followers. The challenge was to solve a puzzle of dozens of pieces to reveal the theme of the fifth season of fall guys. Of course, it didn’t take the fans long to get to work, and in less than an hour and 12 minutes they were able to crack the mystery.

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In the end, the developer shared the final image formed from the puzzle and confirmed that the thematic content of Season 5 will be inspired by the jungle adventure.

As you can see in the image below, you can see some bean costumes with the design of explorers, pirates, animals and even mummies.

Unfortunately, the developer hasn’t shared a tentative start date for the new season, so we’ll have to wait. As in other seasons coming to an end, Mediatonic has activated a double fame points system, so players can earn more and unlock content they still need from Season 4 before it ends.

In case you missed it: Cross-play is now available in fall guys.

We leave you with a picture of the fifth season.

Imagine: Mediatonic
Imagine: Mediatonic

what do you think of the picture? Are you this new content in the game? Tell us in the comments.

As mentioned, a user a few days ago leaked content that will be available in Season 5 and suggested that it would have a jungle or summer theme. Given that this was spot on and you can even spot some of the outfits that were leaked, it’s very likely that the PlayStation characters’ inspired outfits are also true.

fall guys Available on PlayStation 4 and PC. The Nintendo Switch and Xbox One releases have already been confirmed, but they have been delayed recently and don’t have a release date yet. You can find more news about it if you visit this page.

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