Fans use posters to discuss video games in WWE and AEW battles

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Discussions about video games are not something you write about at home, because they are very popular on social networks and online forums. For this reason, a silent but very funny contest about Japanese RPGs, taking place in the stands of WWE and AEW battles, has attracted attention in recent days.

As you know, it is very common in wrestling for spectators in fights to use posters and T-shirts to express their passion or hatred for a wrestler. However, the actions of some fans who use these tools to attack JRPG franchises have gone viral recently. And yes, TV cameras caught it all.

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The first discussions date back to 2019, when some fans used posters to criticize a certain part of the famous saga Final Fantasy. Specifically, we can read texts like «Final Fantasy VIII stinks «,»Final Fantasy VIII exaggerated «and»Final Fantasy VIII This is nonsense «.

3 years later, wrestling fans and JRPGs continue this subtle but very original feud. In fact, during the last broadcast of AEW Dynamite, we saw that the competition extended to other franchises, with the player revealing his dislike for Person 5 With a very funny poster, he revived the trend and put it in the public eye again.

Similarly, the community Super Smash Bros. He took advantage of this trend a few years ago to order oranges and bananas from certain characters like Bayonneta and King Dedede, while one fan used his poster to ask Nintendo to «locate mother 3‘, an idea that even wrestler and actor Terry Crews supports.

As audiences gradually return to the stands due to the current situation of the pandemic, it appears that these discussions about video games are here to stay, so it will be interesting to discover what kind of messages we will find in future broadcasts.

But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Do you think this very original fight will continue in the coming months and years? Let’s read to you in the comments.

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