finally! The abandoned app already has a history and we will soon know the PS5 game

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After the controversy that erupted around it abandoned for his alleged relationship with the silent Hill And Hideo Kojima, the waters seem to have calmed down and now BLUE BOX Game Studios have had a chance to work in peace, and that has led to the much-mentioned official access date of the standalone app on PlayStation 5, which is supposed to be a horror game.

When will we meet abandoned?

BLUE BOX Game Studios revealed through a post on its official Twitter account the official date of presenting abandoned. According to the information, the game app will be available to download for free on PlayStation 5 from July 29, and on August 10, we will have access to a kind of introduction to this indie horror game. Also, after those dates, a trailer for abandoned It will be officially revealed, although there is no exact day yet.

how do you remember, abandoned And BLUE BOX Game Studios found themselves in the midst of controversy when a study publication suggested it was actually new the silent Hill. From that moment on, some players thought it was a trick from Hideo Kojima, just like the one he did at the time. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

However, in light of the atmosphere of conspiracy and tension, Hassan Kahraman, director of the studio and abandonedHe came out to the photo confirming that it’s not what fans think it was, he denied any relationship with Kojima and emphasized that the hype was too heavy for the development team, they are a small group and at the end of the day they are working on an independent game.

Stay informed, level up.


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