Fortnite: Ariana Grande is coming soon to Battle Royale along with a concert

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It is an electronic game It continues to grow and reach a very wide audience thanks to collaborations with various entertainment franchises and celebrities. Epic Games are constantly working on new partnerships and it seems that the expected appearance of Ariana Grande in Battle Royale will happen very soon and Epic Games will also be preparing to add one of the most famous ninjas in the anime world.

Rumors surrounding a possible collaboration between Ariana Grande and It is an electronic game It dates back to 2020, when information started circulating that there would be a private concert that the singer would give.

This was reinforced when, after the launch of the Apple and Epic Games trial, secret files emerged that showed some ideas for collaboration with artists and entertainment franchises. There was again Ariana Grande and it looks like the actress’ arrival in Battle Royale is now imminent.

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When is Ariana Grande coming? It is an electronic game?

These rumors are further reinforced by the unofficial information that comes from a reliable source whose revelations were successful on previous occasions and who just leaked a lot of details about what is coming next. It is an electronic game.

According to a leak released by user SmugMrMime, the most interesting addition is Ariana Grande, who will arrive as a skin or costume for It is an electronic game Early. The best thing for fans of this celebrity is that she will not appear alone, but an in-game concert is being prepared, which Epic Games employees are already testing. However, it has not been determined whether it will be a musical event as large as the one that Travis Scott is organizing or if it will be smaller.

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NarutoAnd the Justice League And more content is on its way to It is an electronic game

Another detail that attracted a lot of attention from the leak is that the information includes the famous ninja Naruto, from the manga and anime of the same name. There is good news for fans of this franchise, because they won’t have to wait long to play such a character It is an electronic game, but is expected to appear for the first time in the upcoming eighth season of the second chapter, as Epic Games will try to get this character in the Battle Pass in that period. As if that wasn’t enough, the explosive kunai will be included as a new weapon.

That’s not all, because the access of members Justice League s suicide squadHowever, it is still uncertain which characters from these franchises will appear in Battle Royale, although it has been stated that Batman who laughs is not excluded.

Finally, the leak mentioned that The Cube will return at the end of the current season, under the control of a mysterious queen who will play an important role in Chapter 3, a new phase that is supposed to completely redesign the map that will reveal the location of the Seven.

But before that, it is expected that in Season 8, Sideways will be added to the game, which will be similar to Weird things, because it will bring monsters into the game. Also, Monster mounts will be implemented and bots are expected to be included, but it has not been specified in what season this will happen.

We remind you that this document also foresaw collaborations that did not occur at the time, such as collaborations with NBA and LeBron James, so it is possible that other engagements referred to in the material may also occur one day. it will be metroid Will it also make it to Battle Royale?

Do you think other collaborations in the Epic Games document will materialize? Tell us in the comments.

It is an electronic game It is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Laptop. You can find more Battle Royale related news by visiting this page.

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