Fortnite: Will Travis Scott and Marshmello skins return to Battle Royale?

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It is an electronic game Offer players the chance to enjoy concerts within Battle Royale. Epic Games has made the events a completely themed experience thanks to the limited cosmetic content.

This happened with Travis Scott and Marshmallow parties, two musicians who were in the game. Her skins were very popular; However, part of the community wanted to get it.

If you’re one of them, don’t give up all hope, as some evidence suggests that Travis Scott and Marshmello skins will be back in the Battle Royale store.

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Travis Scott and Marshmello skins can return to It is an electronic game

Data experts continue to search for information on what’s new in the current Battle Royale season. Players are excited, as everything indicates that Travis Scott and Marshmello skins could return to the game.

According to the details, the previous variants and content packs have been updated with the arrival of version 16.30 of Battle Royale, which debuted a few months ago, specifically in April of this year. As you can imagine, among them are the clothes of the musicians.

Players thought Travis Scott’s skin would come back on the anniversary of his release or to celebrate the singer’s birthday, but nothing happened. On the other hand, Marshmello is back in the game, so his re-emergence is not entirely ruled out.

Both groups could return due to the huge popularity of their events. Marshmallow brought over 10 million people to his concert, while Travis Scott was a huge hit and is said to have made more money than direct money.

Scott’s astronomical show broke Battle Royale records, with over 12.3 million players enjoying the concert. As of this writing, Epic hasn’t confirmed the musicians’ outfits will be back in the game.

More skins on the way to It is an electronic game

Recent clues indicate that a new Battle Royale Idol Series skin is coming soon. It would be nothing more and nothing less than LeBron James. There are also rumors of the arrival of costumes based on popular anime such as Dragon Ball s Naruto.

The skin of Loki, the Marvel villain, was recently released. However, please note that it is only available to active Fortnite Crew members. Out of curiosity, some players for some reason dream of seeing Gordon Ramsay’s skin in the title.

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It is an electronic game Available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, and mobile. Find more information about Battle Royale on this page.


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