Forza Horizon 5 developers have no problem getting the game to Xbox One

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Transition periods between consoles are not uncommon in the industry, but this time it will be longer due to the fact that we are experiencing an epidemic, there is a shortage of hardware in the market and companies cannot install their installed base. Their systems are from the last generation. Thus, many major games appear on consoles such as Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. In case if Forza Horizon 5The confirmation was surprising, but the project is in good hands with all its versions.

will Forza Horizon 5 e Xbox One?

During an interview with Eurogamermike brown designer Forza Horizon 5, I talked about the versions that the game will have, i.e. Xbox Series X | S, PC, Xbox One, and what Playground Games mean. In that sense, the design was calm and confident in what the study did and indicated that they had enough experience to ensure good performance on every platform, plus the Xbox One was considered a low-cost PC, so there’s no need to worry.

Mike Brown: Supporting Xbox One is like supporting low-end PCs

In this regard, Mike Brown’s statements were: «Who Forza Horizon 3 We’ve used the PC, meaning we’re already used to rendering a game on a wide range of system specifications. So, the need to make the game work on Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC, it’s not much different. I think Xbox One support is the same effort as supporting PCs with lower specs. We actually feel great about all versions of the game, to be honest.”

Forza Horizon 5 It will be set in Mexico and will debut on November 9 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PC, and will also be available on the first day of Game Pass.

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