Free dizziness? This Sonic Generations mod lets you play in first person شخص

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Video Games sonic the hedgehog They’ve always been distinguished by their strong focus on speed, a design decision that persists today. Of course, the player can keep up with the fast pace of movement thanks to the side view or the third person perspective, so it is difficult to imagine the title of the blue hedgehog in the first person. However, the computer user did not hesitate to create a modification that addresses this situation.

This is what Sonic Generations looks like in first person

Specifically, the famous modder Skyth went to work to create a curious mod for sonic generations which allows you to play in first person perspective. Obviously, thanks to the nature of a SEGA video game, the experience instantly becomes a dizziness factory.

Skyth comments that for obvious reasons, the 2D sections of the game are the most difficult to play. For its part, 3D levels are a real festival of transport wheels, crazy jumps, and lightning races, so having a strong stomach is recommended if you want to try this mode.

We won’t tell you more, you can watch Skyth’s work below:

If this mod caught your attention, you can download it at your own risk by clicking on this link. However, you will also need to install a second mod to make sure everything works perfectly.

But tell us, do you dare to play sonic generations In the first person? Let’s read to you in the comments.

sonic the hedgehog Last week it celebrated its 30th anniversary. If you want to read the latest announcements related to the blue hedgehog, you can do so by clicking on this link.


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