Game Boy Advance Castlevania Collection is on the way

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After announcing that she would be a part of E3 2021, Konami backed down and revealed that they would not be attending the event. However, he mentioned that he has several major projects under development and obviously one of them includes Castlevania.

If you’re a fan of Konami’s classic adventure series, we’ve got very good news for you, as very revealing evidence has surfaced that the company is preparing a selection of many of the many games in the series that fans love dating back to the Game Boy era. . advance.

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Record suggests the return of old games from Castlevania

We say the above because an Australian government classification entity has just registered Castlevania Advance Collection.

The record was made today, June 18, which is very interesting because, unlike other similar records, this record reveals a lot of important development information.

According to the details, this is a rated multi-platform (mature) PC game by Konami Digital Entertainment. The amazing thing is that it reveals that the developer responsible for working on the recent mods will be M2, a studio that specializes in emulating and releasing old games. This is not surprising, because it helped to Castlevania Anniversary Collection.

As of this writing, the record is still available.

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Photo: Australian government
Photo: Australian government

What are the games? Castlevania Advance Collection?

The registry, unfortunately, does not include information about the games it could include. However, we can imagine that the collection will consist of 3 games for modern consoles. In case you didn’t know, we inform you that Konami has been released for Nintendo 3 handheld system games: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (2001), Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (2002) and Castlevania: melody of sadness (2003).

As on other similar occasions, we invite you to take this information as something unofficial. However, we remind you that very often these records are confirmed sooner or later, as happened recently with the game’s new game Super Monkey Ball, which was just confirmed at E3 2021, but appeared in rating agencies much earlier.

What do you think of the record? Would you like to be able to play these games on modern consoles? Tell us in the comments.

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