GTA V: Impressive Godzilla is now available in the game

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We told you a few weeks ago about someone who was developing a curious method to include Godzilla in them Grand Theft Auto V. Now, we can finally confirm that the most famous kaiju in the world is now available to download on your computer absolutely free of charge.

You know that Grand Theft Auto V It is one of the most successful and popular titles of all time. Where Rockstar Games invite you to do all kinds of missions individually or as a team to take over the city. Of course, there are other users who prefer to work on the game to improve it further and provide unique experiences, such as the case of the famous designer Julionib who did this work.

Godzilla mod can now be downloaded in its beta version and will allow you to put yourself in the shoes of the famous Japanese monster to wreak havoc in Los Santos, as well as use some of its powers, such as atomic or nuclear breath. An explosion emitting an extended wave.

You can see the scene here:

Godzilla will reunite with an old friend

However, Godzilla is not the only one who will be present in the game, as the mod has also recreated Kong, one of the most famous kaiju, who will be able to climb buildings and launch cars or whatever is placed in front of him.

If you want to try these mods to play as Godzilla or Kong, you can do so on the site The dark side of gamesWhich will allow you to do it for free and make it clear that the final version of the giant crawler is coming soon to fix some bugs.

What do you think of these kaiju mods? Let us know in the comments.

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