Halo Infinite: Samurai Outfit will debut in the first season of the title

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If you watched the Xbox and Bethesda show last Sunday and if you were a fan HelloThe emergence of the Spartan samurai is sure to catch your eye in the free multiplayer mode infinite aura. Well, if you like the outfit and want to know when you can get it, we have good news for you, as 343 Industries has released more details about it.

Today, Xbox held an extensive presentation where there were discussions with the developers of their upcoming exclusives.

At the event was Tom French, co-creative director of Multiplayer for infinite auraHe revealed more details about the cosmetic component of the title.

Something the creator confirmed is that the samurai-style Spartan armor, a novelty in the series, will be part of the first season’s content, meaning you can get it as soon as it appears. infinite aura And free multiplayer aside, next fall.

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Looks like samurai clothes will be limited

If you are planning to play the free multiplayer game from infinite aura, but not in the premiere and subsequent months, don’t worry, unlike other games with Battle Passes, Season’s missions and rewards will not be tied to a period, but you can complete them whenever you want and claim rewards even in other seasons.

The thing about the samurai costume is that it will be free content; That is, you will not need to purchase a Battle Pass. As mentioned, 343 Industries have already confirmed that the Battle Pass will not expire, and even in future seasons you’ll be able to purchase and complete previous Battle Pass tickets, but the regular season rewards may disappear when each one expires.

In case you missed it: Multiplayer infinite aura It will not contain loot boxes.

Ryan Paradis, who revealed that the samurai costume will be one of the «event armor hubs» commented, «It has been confirmed that cosmetic rewards can only be obtained through play, so it will not be possible to purchase them.

Since launch, there will be millions of cosmetic combinations that include armor color, effects, emblems, weapon accessories, helmets and more. It will also be possible to modify the Spartan’s skin, voice, and more.

What do you think of the samurai costume? Will you play for free? Tell us in the comments.

infinite aura The free multiplayer game will appear in fall 2021 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can find more news about it if you visit this page.

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