Hassan Kahraman says the deserter has nothing to do with Kojima

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In recent days, gamers around the world have been on the alert for BLUE BOX Game Studios publications and supposed horror game, abandoned, which has been linked to Hideo Kojima and also a possible comeback for the silent Hill. Amid a flurry of conspiracy theories and as the community connects the dots, the studio and presumed leader of the project, Hasan Kahraman, have maintained their appreciation, although more information has been revealed today.

An interview seems to confirm that Hassan Kahraman abandoned It’s real

Jason Schreyer, D-Patrol Bloomberg, had the opportunity to interview Hasan Kahraman, the president of BLUE BOX and one of the most popular names at the moment because there are those who think that in fact it is Hideo Kojima using a fake name. At first, Schreyer’s interview seems to confirm that Kahraman is a real person and that he’s a video game developer, at least that’s what the reporter who conducted the session points out over the phone, which is odd at a time when so many conversations take place. It was conducted online with the ability to see the other person face to face through the screen of a computer, tablet or smartphone. In fact, Schreier himself admits, the exercise left him with more doubts than answers.

BLUE BOX chief says he’s upset by conspiracy theories abandoned

On the other hand, Hasan Kahraman not only claimed to be a video game developer «unfortunately» but also denied any connection with the project. abandoned With Hideo Kojima he pointed out that the game is in development through a network of «friends», as well as developers, and that in total there are 50 workers from BLUE BOX Game Studios, 10 working directly and 40 subcontractors. In this sense, Kahraman declared: «It doesn’t matter how much I try to deny it. People don’t believe me. They expect something that really isn’t and it bothers me.»

Also, the creator mentioned it abandoned It has been in development since 2017 and the project has changed a lot since then.

Despite this, Jason Schreyer’s article also highlights elements that fuel conspiracy theories, such as the supposed performance he will have. abandoned On PlayStation 5, where BLUE BOX bragged that the game will hit 60fps in 4K, something not even AAA projects can do on consoles at this time, putting the studio in doubt as a standalone project and with little staff, seems impossible. .

What Kojima did in the past still raises doubts about this project

On the other hand, the previous announcement of the official announcement of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain With the trailer on behalf of Moby Dick Studios and the fact that Kojima hired an actor to play the studio’s CEO, Joakim Mogren. The complicity of Jeff Keighley, producer of The Game Awards and Summer Game Fest, was also mentioned at the time, who gave an interview to Mogren that would support the reveal of abandoned Scheduled for tomorrow, June 22.

Thus, we remain unanswered by the madness caused by revelation abandoned And theories linking him to Hideo Kojima and the silent Hill.

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