He did it! Jigglypuff stars in a music video for Mabel’s Take It Home

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Pokemon It continues to celebrate its 25th year of existence and continues to offer us different collaborations that show us the reach that cute creatures have around the world. This time around, a new music video starring Jigglypuff has been shared.

The video is that topic take it home, played by Spanish singer Mabel, allowing us to see Pokemon Pink fulfill his dream of becoming a music star, just as he tried so many times in the anime series.

Here you can see it:

As you can see, the franchise continues to offer such collaborations that allow us to see Pokémon in environments different from those we are used to.

It’s worth noting that Pikachu and Picchu also had a moment of musical fame with this theme Electrician, played by Katy Perry, a few months ago, and Pokemon He is still looking for more partnerships like he did with a popular cookie brand and fast food chain to keep his 25th anniversary celebration going.

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On the other hand, you will also receive epic Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl On November 19, the rest of the year will still be very important for all fans of the franchise.

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