Hideo Kojima has already seen Snyder Cut Justice Channel and his opinion has gone viral

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Hideo Kojima is one of the most famous creators in the industry which is why it’s no secret that in addition to being a fan of Thalia, he also loves movies. In social networks, the creator usually shares his opinion about the tapes he has recently watched and now it’s his turn Snyder’s Cut from [Justice League.

En redes sociales, Hideo Kojima reveló que compró el Snyder Cut de Justice League en Blu-ray y que ya lo vio. También aprovechó para elogiar el trabajo de Snyder, argumentando que mejoró lo que Joss Whedon entregó en la versión de Justice League que debutó en cines en 2017.

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Pero, ¿qué hay en el Snyder Cut que Kojima considera mejor que Justice League? Para empezar tenemos el desarrollo de personajes como Cyborg o Flash, los cuales participaron poco en el corte que pudimos ver años atrás en cines. También, cree que los elementos visuales tienen el sello de Snyder, lo que hace que Justice League sea el vistazo a su universo de DC.

“Los personajes de Flash y Cyborg, los cuales eran abruptos, han sido reforzados. La proporción de televisión 4:3; el tono más oscuro de la corrección de color; la cámara lenta; la dirección de arte digital; el Superman [con traje] black. It’s not Snyder’s cut so much as Snyder’s world in every way, for better or worse. For him, this is justice,” was the criticism shared by Kojima.

Review spread very quickly بسرعة

While Hideo Kojima gave a short and reasonable critique of Justice Squad Zack Snyder, that was enough to make him very popular on social media.

What happens is that, only on Twitter, Hideo Kojima criticized Justice Squad Zack Snyder has been shared nearly 2,000 times. Also, the original tweet has 9.6K likes and nearly 100 replies.

Among the comments that can be read in criticism there are those who ask Hideo Kojima to do the same as Zack Snyder, but with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Remember, the stealth game was controversial because its story was incomplete and full of mystery, leaving fans in phantom pain.

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While many of us love a new version of the Phantom painThe truth is, it seems very difficult for that to happen. After all, Kojima Productions is already an independent studio and their relationship with Konami does not seem to be good enough to allow such a project to become a reality.

Another important point is that Hideo Kojima and the creative teams at Kojima Productions are already busy with other projects. We remind you that a few weeks before the existence of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, new version of death strand This will certainly bring new content, DualSense compatibility, and other possible improvements thanks to the PlayStation 5. On the other hand, there is reliable information indicating that the Japanese creator will be on the verge of signing a deal to work with Xbox on a new project.

Hideo Kojima had already commented on another Snyder movie

Did you like Hideo Kojima’s opinion? Then we recommend that you follow him on Twitter, because he often shares opinions about the films that he has the opportunity to watch. In fact, he recently shared his criticism of another Zack Snyder movie.

Weeks ago, it was released on Netflix army of the dead Zombie movie directed by Zack Snyder. The legendary creator behind metal equipment He commented that it was an entertaining movie, but without saying much.

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«we army of the dead. It was a zombie movie that was both painful and fun, it blew me away by turning my head into a zombie, it didn’t scare me, it didn’t make me laugh, it didn’t form a metaphor for society,» he explained.

And you, what do you think of Hideo Kojima’s criticisms? Do you like the kind of content you share on your social networks? Tell us in the comments.

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