Historical! Ibai Llanos will be broadcasting Copa América for free on his Twitch channel

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After days of speculation and hype, Spanish celebrity eBay Llanos has finally revealed the details of his next project, which promises to make internet history. Specifically, the professional broadcaster also confirmed that he had bought the rights to the Copa America, so he will be broadcasting it completely for free on his Twitch channel.

In a recent live broadcast, eBay explained that this project, which it considers the largest in his career on Twitch, was made possible thanks to a collaboration with the famous Spanish footballer Gerard Pique.

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According to the creator, the idea for this historical project was born shortly after he learned that the sports event would not be broadcast in Spanish territory, so he believed that he could change this situation.

What matches will eBay Janus broadcast on his Twitch channel?

Fortunately, the 26-year-old has confirmed that all matches of the event will be streamed for free on his Twitch channel. Of course, the live broadcast will only be available to viewers in Spain.

In this way, the broadcast of the Copa America will begin today with the match between Argentina and Uruguay, which will take place at 7:00 pm (Mexico City time).

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But tell us, are you planning to watch the games on the Twitch channel? What do you think of this type of initiative? Let’s read to you in the comments.

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