Horror and the role of Chernobyl will arrive on consoles this year

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As a main theme, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster lends itself to all kinds of horror stories, just thinking about its desolate corners and how time stood there since 1986, is enough to make your skin crawl. The idea clearly sounds fun in a video game and The Farm 51 did the same with it Chernobyl, And it is a game that has been accessed early on Steam, but will soon be ready to make the leap to its final version and best of all, it will reach consoles.

¿Chernobyl Will it be one of the surprises this year?

Through a statement and with the introduction of a new trailer, Polish studio The Farm 51 revealed that this terrifying role-playing game, Chernobyl, On PS4 and Xbox One, as well as its final PC version, in July this year. Likewise, the study reported that they are already preparing the edition for Xbox Series X | S and they will soon announce a launch date for Microsoft’s new generation, which is the same for PlayStation 5.

What is that Chernobyl?

Chernobyl Defined as a Sci-Fi Survival Horror RPG that takes players to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, recreated in 3D with great attention to detail, which states in its description: “It’s a survival horror experience that blends free exploration. For its haunting world and nonlinear storytelling using solid RPG mechanics. Make your choices, but remember: Not only will they have a direct impact on the area, but will sometimes feel the consequences after many hours of play. A physicist, a former employee of the Chernobyl Power Station, investigates the mysterious disappearance. To your beloved. Try to survive and uncover the twisted secrets of the exclusion zone. Remember that the military presence will not only be a source of concern for you.

According to the information on the site Chernobyl On Steam, one of the greatest attractions in this game is the freedom of movement and the consequences thereof, so there’s no set way to play. Chernobyl, Allowing you to venture into its twisted world in various ways.

Chernobyl, the mute witness to a nuclear disaster
Chernobyl, the mute witness to a nuclear disaster



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